A multi-rater assessment is an essential tool used to provide holistic feedback and to evaluate developing leaders. The process involves self-assessment as well as evaluation by peers, customers, vendors, supervisors and other stakeholders on pre-defined parameters such as organizational competencies and job descriptions. A 360° feedback is primarily used for gap analysis between how participants perceive their role specific actions and how others’ perceive those actions. In case a gap exists, development plans can be formulated to bring the participant’s performance to accepted levels.

Today, multi-rater assessments are a popular feedback tool used by corporations and governments around the world to bring about a positive behaviour change at the workplace. A multi-rater assessment/360° feedback has two major components; the first component consists of a survey instrument that can collect feedback data through behavioural items through multiple observers including the participant at the same time. The second component is the reporting feature that compiles all the responses, analyse them, and provides useful gap analysis statistics and development guidelines to help participants and the management clearly identify core strengths and development priorities.

MindSprouts ‘Percept-360’ assessment is an ideal online tool that can track and drive effective leadership and cultivate positive managerial behaviours. The assessment is highly flexible and can be deployed in 360°, 270°, 180°, and 90° formats as per your organization’s specific requirements. Percept-360 is a product born out of extensive research in areas such as competency modelling and assessment design and has an extensive pool of items that interface with over 20 organizational competencies that can be mapped to roles across different levels of management hierarchy (entry level, middle level, and executive managers) in an organization. Our team of expert psychometricians can also develop/work with organization specific competencies that have not been mapped by Percept-360 to ensure compliance with all HR centric development programs.

Percept-360 Advantage:

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