Teachers serve as the backbone in a society’s education system. They play a critical role in shaping our country’s future generations. Thus, availability of skilled and inspired teachers is a crucial factor in providing relevant education to the masses. Teachers are clearly one of schools’ most important resources. Yet principals have, on average, only 20 minutes to determine a “teacher candidate’s” potential, which in reality is not even sufficient time to get to know the candidate, leave alone, identify his/her skills. As a result, the school often ends up doing a rushed or late hiring based on poor information selection practices.

At MindSprouts, we understand that not every teacher is suitable for every school and principals often do not have the necessary bandwidth to invest a considerable amount of time on teacher selection. Hence, we have devised a robust ‘teacher selection’ solution that not only identifies the necessary skill-set required for teaching but also focusses on the behavioural aspects that are strong indicators of their ability to handle a wide variety of classroom questions.

MindSprouts “Personality Assessment for Teachers (PAT)” is based on the premise that past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance. The primary objective of this unique selection tool is to select relevant candidates who have shown exceptional potential by scoring high on ‘specific performance skills’ that are relevant to your institute.

PAT is a structured assessment based tool that offers well researched items (questions) to match work-related personality traits with MindSprouts teachers’ quality framework using a custom rubric to provide an affordable solution to screen teachers. PAT is a dedicated psychometric tool that maps internationally recognized behavioural competencies like perseverance, inter-personal skills, stress tolerance, empathy, adaptability, etc., that are deemed critical for all outstanding teachers.

MindSprouts can also provide your institute with a comprehensive teacher recruitment solution that has been developed in consultation with educational experts around the country and is backed by extensive research to screen competent teacher candidates committed to preparing students to become informed, knowledgeable and confident young adults.

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