MindSprouts Solutions is a new social and organizational psychology firm that support companies around the world to identify, track and nurture their most valuable asset – Human Resource. Our vision is to bring psychology out of books and apply its relevant theories and concepts in the real world to ensure that each individual and organization fulfils their true potential.

MindSprouts Solutions aspires to provide a unified platform that offers highly validated assessment based HR and behavioural measurement solutions. Our aim is to assist companies in identifying the leaders of tomorrow and increase the performance of their workforce. We specialize in delivering highly configurable and cost effective psychometric assessments and bespoke HR solutions that make a measurable difference in business performance by helping organizations recruit, select, train, and develop ‘superstars’ for every role.

In the education sector, our objective is to bring about a positive change in the Indian education ecosystem by offering quality training content and behavioural inventories to help students and faculty to translate their education in to a successful career path. MindSprouts’ engaging development programs and workshops are especially designed to identify latent talent as well as nurture new skills in young students.

Our team consists of passionate and forward thinking psychologists, OD & HR practitioners, and business leaders who have the ability to align psychological insights with management principles to provide comprehensive and practical solutions to real world problems.