Succession planning is a critical aspect that is essential for your organization’s continued progress. Identifying and nurturing internal talent is the key to ensure that the next generation leaders of your organization can successfully navigate through the uncertain and often volatile business environment.

The first step in order to ensure a pipeline of ‘ready’ talent is to identify personnel that have the potential to take on more challenging roles in the near future. MindSprouts achieves this by designing and conducting a thorough, in-depth assessment centre for your organization. An assessment centre or ‘AC’ can yield phenomenal results when a firm has to assess readiness for Managerial or Leadership Transition. Typically in an Assessment Centre, the participant group undertakes a series of psychometric assessments designed to measure the degree to which the employee/participant demonstrates the behaviours corresponding to requisite competencies, skills and character traits for a given role as well as determine the development areas for each participant. As a result, it gives a good estimate of the current level of readiness of the employee for a particular role/level, based on this assessors get a factual measurement of how this employee will perform for the target position. Once the potential ‘raw talent’ has been identified the next step is to transform it into ‘ready’ talent.

At MindSprouts we employ development centres to achieve this. A development centre utilizes similar techniques as used in an assessment centre with one fundamental differentiator; the focus of a DC is primarily on the participant’s professional development. We conduct development centres in conjunction with assessment centres to assess employees on a competency profile for a given role. DC’s are organized in a classroom environment where participants take part in a variety of exercises and case studies while the assessors meticulously record and evaluate their responses. The participants are provided with comprehensive feedbacks at the end of each exercise in order to make them aware of their developmental areas and chart a personal development plan for them to develop the required competencies for their new role. Development centres are often well liked by the employees since it provides them with an objective and non-biased assessment of their development areas in an open and transparent environment.

Thus, whether you use it for selection, development, succession planning or any other stage across an employees’ lifecycle, Assessment Centres & Development Centres, are an effective tool for transforming raw potential into ready potential.

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