Psychological assessments are gaining a steady momentum across organizations in India due to their ability to make a difference to business performance by improving the organizations ability to recruit, develop, and retain talented employees. Taking talent decisions based only on senior management perceptions and subjective performance reviews is a thing of the past. Yet, in India many organizations still prefer recruiting candidates based only on the interviewer’s observations and past experience in hiring. Lack of awareness regarding psychometric assessments is the primary reason why many employers do not follow an objective and scientific process while hiring.

MindSprouts can help your organization by exposing talent decision makers to theoretical foundations of psychometric assessments like reliability, validity, and standardization of inventories as well as train them to make an informed choice while selecting a psychometric tool for recruitment and training of employees across all domains and levels. The comprehensive 2 day workshop will help participants to develop practical skills to provide a new perspective on the application of psychological assessments when making business decisions and designing solutions in their respective job roles.

The workshop is targeted towards HR professionals who are keen to enhance their knowledge about various assessment tools available on the market and its linkages to mental, emotional and behavioural measurement that impacts the bottom line.

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