All employees in an organization are unique in terms of their qualities, motivation, skills, and personality traits. The challenge for modern HR professionals is to ensure that each employee perform their duties to the best of their ability by identifying a role which is best suited for them. This matching of jobs and people to facilitate excellence in performance can be achieved through competency mapping.

Competency mapping is a technique that involves identifying various competencies/skills that are required to complete a given job/task/role. The process consists of breaking a job into its most basic constituents (managerial, technical, conceptual, and attitude) needed to perform the same successfully. Competency mapping can be done for both roles as well as individual employees in order to assess the suitability of an individual in performing the given role.

Competencies are the proverbial holy grail of talent management. Identifying critical competencies can help create detailed role directories that can guide organizations when making hiring or promotion decisions specific to that position. In the present economic environment, employee performance is a primary concern of HR managers and the best way to recognize performance is to observe key characteristics of high performing employees that distinguish them from less productive employees.

MindSprouts extensive 2 day workshop on competency management will empower organizations to combine competency mapping in their strategic HR framework. Our experts will help participants to understand the nuances of identifying competencies as well as understand the diverse ways to build competency models that can be used to support various HR functions. The workshop with its clearly defined learning objectives will provide excellent ROI on your investment by helping talent decision-makers close skill gaps across domains thereby improving functional expertise in the organization.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Grasp fundamental concepts of competency management
  2. Learn how to map competencies for any given role
  3. Awareness about commonly used techniques and frameworks (bespoke and generic)
  4. Experience how to integrate competency models into existing HR frameworks
  5. Exposure towards using competencies to drive training, performance management, succession planning, and rewards & recognition programs

Participant Profile - HR professionals, program managers, entrepreneurs, talent decision makers, talent consultants, and business leaders.

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