“India currently has 600 million youth below 25 years of age of which 320 million are in schools and colleges. Less than 25% of these are employable due to the skills gap!” (India Employability Skills Survey; 2009 – 10)

“India lags far behind in imparting skill training as compared to other countries. Only 10% of the total workforce in the country receives some kind of skill training!” (Knowledge Paper on Skill Development in India; 2012)

In today’s corporate environment employers often demand business skills from young graduates that are outside the scope of their curriculum. Education institutes in our country tend to neglect the development of employability skills that can help students to face work related challenges with confidence.

Employability skills can be defined as a set of generic skills that are transferable in nature and are not specific to one particular career path but are generic across all employment sectors. Employers typically regard a graduate’s academic achievements related to his/her subject as necessary but not sufficient enough to guarantee employment. Achievements outside the periphery of the discipline/subject are considered to be equally important. MindSprouts extensive research has identified 22 unique competencies that employers and researchers world over have identified as being an integral part of employability skills. These competencies can be broadly classified into 3 main categories:

The employment data we collected also suggested that a degree or diploma even when earned from top colleges is simply not enough to land you your dream job or catapult your career. Employers world-over prefer to recruit graduates who have gone that extra mile to develop key employability skills.

Our Graduate Development program (GDP) is your ladder to early corporate success. GDP follows a systematic approach based on action learning techniques in an environment that promotes discussion rather than rote learning. We focus only on critical skills and attitudes like leadership, willingness to take risks, working in a team, adaptability, critical thinking and more that are critical for you to get noticed and make the right impressions in interviews. GDP also features a robust reporting mechanism that generates detailed individual development plans for candidates and an audit report for their institute to review progress of the entire batch.

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