Cognitive development is a field of study based on neuroscience and psychology that focuses on a child’s mental/intellectual faculties that helps him/her to gain abilities like thinking, reasoning, information processing, intelligence, problem solving, language development, and working memory. At MindSprouts our approach to cognitive development stems from extensive research on the subject and is comparable to cognitive development programs that have been successfully implemented in the western world. MindSprouts‘Pro-Intellect’ program promotes growth in four core cognitive abilities by using scientifically designed exercises that are both fun and educative for students.

The concept of training core cognitive abilities through psychological interventions is new to the Indian education sector. Traditionally, schools in India focus on a content based approach when it comes to developing the cognitive faculties of its students. However, recent research has shown that the classroom methodology followed in our schools is unable to develop cognition to its full potential in students. As a result, students often lack in one or more key cognitive abilities which affects their entire academic career.

The transition from childhood years to adolescence brings about a fundamental change in the psyche of the child where-in, they shift from an egocentric way of thinking to a more mature and perceptive way of thinking. This is also the time when kids have to start paying attention to more than one thing at a time and deal with more complex information. Schools in India are under a tremendous amount of pressure to include more content in their curriculum every year because parents have less and less time to focus on the development of their child’s cognitive abilities.

The ‘Pro-Intellect’ program follows a framework based on thorough research and is derived from Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky’s translation and adaptation of Piaget’s theory, two of the most famous cognitive development theories in the world.

MindSprouts ‘Pro-Intellect’ program nurtures and promotes both core and underlying cognitive skills to help young students perform better at higher order mental activities like analysis, application, and evaluation of data that results in measurable improvement in classroom performance.

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