Sales Proficiency Inventory (SPI) is a comprehensive psychometric testing tool designed to address the key challenge of entry level sales recruitment. SPI not only measures a candidate’s aptitude towards sales but also measures specific personality traits that are not easily identified through a resume or an interview but are critical for success in entry level sales positions.

At Mindsprouts we understand, that different sales positions have specific skill requirements that cannot be measured accurately with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ sales aptitude test that merely identifies sales personality stereotypes. In contrast, SPI has been specifically designed to encompass a wide variety of entry level sales positions across multiple industries to identify candidates who thrive in a sales driven environment.

Our process measures both sales aptitude as well as innate sales behaviours along with the candidate’s cognitive abilities making SPI an ideal pre-employment tool that can be used to hire better sales personnel for various entry level sales positions across verticals.

The SPI Advantage:

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